Light Diesel Oil

Light diesel oil, or LDO, is a blend of components from the distillation process of crude oil, mainly used as a combustion agent in asphalt plants, primarily utilised in construction and other medium speed engine machines. It is used in engines with a rpm less than 750, such as boilers and furnaces. It is also referred to as marked oil or distillate fuel. The Light Diesel Oil (LDO) is provided in multiple packaging and at fair prices.

Applications of Light Diesel Oil

Light Diesel Oil is used as fuel for varied applications including furnaces, boilers, pump sets used for irrigation and fertilizer plants. It is popular for being cost-effective in nature and assuring safe use. It is recommended for stationary or slow speed diesel engines and also as Industrial Fuel. It is used in medium and slow speed diesel engines with less than 750 rpm, typically.This oil offered by us is said to have uniform consistency with long shelf life. It ensures excellent performance due to its excellent lubricating properties.

Characteristics Method Of Test, Ref To
Characteristics Method Of Test, Ref To
HSD LDO Annex [P : ] of IS 1448
                   (2)  (3)                    (4)                    (5)                    (6)
Acidity, inorganic P : 2
Acidity, total mg of KOH/G, Max 0.3 P : 2
Ash, percent by mass, Max 0.01 0.02 P : 4
Carbon residue on 10% residue, percent by mass, Max 0.351 1.5 (on whole sample) P : 8
Cetane number, Min 45 P : 9
Pour point, Max 6oC for winter and 18oC for summer4 12oC for winter and 21oC for summer4 P : 10
Copper strip corrosion for 3 h at 100oC Not worse than No. 1 Not worse than No. 2
Distillation at 90 percent volume recovery at oC, Max 366
Flash point
Abel, o C, Min
Pensky-Martens, oC, Min 66 P : 21
Kinematic viscosity, cSt, at 40o C 1.8 to 5.0 2.5 to 15.7 P : 25
Sediments, percent by mass, Max 0.05 0.1 P : 30
Density at 15oC, kg/m2 820-880 To be reported P : 32
Total sulphur6, percent by mass, Max 1 1.8 P : 33
Water content, percent by volume, Max 0.05 0.25 P : 40
Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) 2, Max 9oC for winter and 21oC for summer4) P : 110
Total sediments, mg per 100 ml7, Max 1.6 A

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