Furnace Oil

Furnace Oil is one of the cheapest fuels available for industrial use. It is a by-product of petroleum refineries. Used as industrial oil, Furnace Oil is a dark viscous residual fuel obtained by blending mainly heavier components from crude distillation unit, short residue clarified oil from fluidized catalytic cracker unit. While processing the CRUDE Oil, FO (Furnace Oil) is one of the products along with other petroleum fuels like HSD, Petrol etc. Typically it has a calorific value as 10000 cal/gm. The furnaces which are used mainly for heating or pre-heating a large quantity of metal, are the main users of FO.

Benefits of Furnace Oil

  • Cheapest petroleum fuel available – gives most heat per litre at lowest cost.
  • Readily stored – occupies half the space of coal for equivalent heat content.
  • Easily handled, regulated and controlled.
  • Less maintenance than coal-fired equipment.
  • Less labour required than with coal, no stoking, ash removal or conveyors required.
  • Less capital expenditure than equivalent coal plant.
  • Clean operation – no fly ash or dust problems, easy smoke control.
  • Longer furnace and boiler life; less depreciation.

Applications of Furnace Oil

  • As fuel for Power Generation in DG Sets
  • As fuel for Boilers/ Furnaces/ Air preheater/ Any other Heaters
  • Fuel for Bunkering
  • Fuel/ Feedstock in Fertilizer Plants

Our Furnace Oil Product Range

Furnace Oil 180 CST Packing: Drum, Flexi & Bulk

Density at 15°C  kg/m3  Max 991 ISO 3675 or ISO 12185
Kinematic Viscosity at 50°C mm2 /S Max 180  ISO 3104 
Flash Point  °C  Min 60 ISO 2719 
Pour Point (upper) (2)  ISO 3016
Winter quality  °C Max 30 ISO 3016
Summer quality °C  Max 30 ISO 10370
Carbon residue  % (m/m)  Max 15  ISO 6245 
Ash % (m/m)  Max 0.10  ISO 3733 
Water % (V IV)  Max 0.50  ISO 8754 
Sulphur  % (m/m)  Max 3.5  IP 501/IP 470/ ISO 14579 
Vanadium mg/kg Max 200  IP 501/IP470/ISO 10478 
Aluminum Plus silicon  mg/kg Max 80 IP 501/IP470/ISO 10478 
Total sediment, potential % (m/m)  Max 0.10  ISO 10307-2 

Furnace Oil 380 CST Packing: Drum, Flexi & Bulk

Density @ 15 °C g/ml 0.9900 Max ASTM D 1298 0.98
Flash Point (PMC), °C 66 Min ASTM D 93 /IP 34  70
Pour Point °C +18 Max ASTM D 97 / IP 15  -9
Micro / Conradson Carbon Residue, % by mass 18 -20  ASTM D 4530/ D 189 18 -20
Ash % by Mass 0.15 Max ASTM D 482 / IP 4 0.04
Water content % by Mass 1 Max ASTM D 95 / IP74  <0.05
Sulphur, Total % by Mass 3.5 Max  ASTM D 4294  3.20 
Sediment % by Mass 0.25 Max.  ASTM D 473 / IP 53 0.04
Vanadium, ppm 250 UOP 391 /91  170
Sodium, ppm 50 UOP 391 /91 20
Viscosity, Kinematic 50°C, cSt  380 Max. ASTM D 445 / IP 71 370
Potential sediments, percentage by mass (Ageing)  0.15 IP 390 (by Chemical ageing)  0.05
Total sediment, potential % (m/m)  Max 0.10  ISO 10307-2 

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