Bitumen Emulsion

Bitumen emulsion is heterogeneous, two-phase systems consisting of two immiscible liquids, bitumen and water, stabilised by a third component, the emulsifier. The bitumen is dispersed throughout the continuous aqueous phase in the form of discrete droplets, typically 0.5 to 5 microns in diameter, which are held in suspension by electrostatic charges.

We provide a wide range of Bitumen Emulsion classified based on setting time.

When the bitumen emulsion is applied on the aggregate for the road works the water evaporates leaving behind the bitumen droplets. These droplets spread on the aggregate and bind with each other and gain strength eventually. Based upon the time taken by the vitamin emulsion to evaporate the water and between particles to separate from water, bitumen emulsion is further classified into 3 types based on setting time:

1. Rapid Setting Bitumen Emulsion (RS)

Rapid setting emulsion sets quickly in contact with aggregates, therefore, it is highly used in low surface of roads, particularly chip seals and surface dressing. It is water-based and can play an important role in setting up fast. It can easily flow through the aggregates and change from its emulsion state to the bitumen phase. RS-1 and RS-2 are the types of Slow setting emulsion where their properties are same but compared to RS-1, RS-2 is more viscous in nature and can be set up pretty fast.

Rapid Setting Types

RS - 1 RS - 2

2. Medium Setting Bitumen Emulsion (MS)

The medium setting Bitumen emulsion is one of the most prominent emulsions used for patching work on roads. Unlike bitumen emulsion RS, bitumen emulsion MS has a medium setting time. It needs some time to be fixed. However, one of the most important things to note is that medium setting bitumen emulsion does not set

quickly and thus can be effective for surface dressing work. It forms a hard and rigid structure that does not break off easily. As a Bitumen emulsion supplier, we suggest it as an ideal for surface dressing work. MS-1 type of medium setting bitumen emulsion is available with us.

Medium Setting Types

MS - 1

3. Slow Setting Emulsion (SS)

Slow Setting Emulsion is the most stable type of emulsion and can be used in dense graded aggregate bases, slurry seals, and recycling asphalt. It has a low viscosity and needs more time to be settled. It is oil-based and can thus prove to be an asset for road setup.

Slow Setting Types

SS - 1 SS - 2

Advantages and Uses of Bitumen Emulsions

  • Bitumen emulsions are used extensively in bituminous road construction. Other than this they are used for maintenance and repair work.
  • Emulsions can be used in wet weather even if it is raining.
  • It is eco friendly as it is water based.
  • Bitumen emulation is also used in soil stabilisation in desert areas.
  • It doesn’t need extra heat while placing.
  • There is no wastage in placing and laying of bitumen.
  • They possess anti-stripping properties.
  • Rapid setting types of emulsion are used on the surface of roads.
  • Medium setting types of emulsion are used in premixing of bitumen emulsion and coarse aggregate.
  • Slow setting types of emulsion are used with fine aggregates as the surface area is large and requires time for uniform mixing.

Refer at the table below to find the various categories of bitumen emulsion and their globally standard names

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